First Visit

What will happen during the first visit?

Our first goal is to acquaint your child with the dentist and the practice.   Sometimes short, successive visits can build the child’s trust in the dentist and the staff.  Children’s appointments should be scheduled in the morning when your child is alert and refreshed.  Sometimes very young children may need to sit up in the dental chair with the parent or on their lap during the examination.

If all goes well, the first visit will last about 30 minutes and may include the following: an examination of the teeth, jaw, bite, gums, and oral tissues to monitor their health and their growth and development; a gentle cleaning to remove any plaque, tartar and stains; a demonstration regarding proper care for the mouth and teeth at home; nutritional and diet counseling for oral health; an assessment of fluoride needs; and, possibly, x-rays.  This is also an opportunity to answer questions and concerns you may have regarding your child’s mouth.

How do I prepare my child and myself for our first visit?    

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Depending upon the age of the child, encourage them to look forward to this new experience.  Explain that their friends at the dentist office will count their teeth, talk to them about brushing, clean their teeth, and, perhaps, take pictures (“x-rays”) of their teeth.  Emphasize the positive and the “fun”.  There are several children’s books about going to the dentist.  Read one or two of these before your visit to help the child understand what to expect.  Very young children may be fussy and not sit still or may become frightened and cry.  Others will enjoy the appointment very much.  If you have personal anxieties about the dentist, do your best not to express these concerns to the child so these fears will not be transferred to them.


Who should bring the child?

A legal parent or guardian must accompany the child for the initial visit or consultation.  If you need someone other than the parent/guardian to bring the child to future visits you must add the adult’s name to our authorization form.  Please note that if someone other than the individuals listed on the authorization form brings the child to our office, we will be unable to see the child without your written permission.

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